David August, Daniel Dexter and Nhan Solo will tear the roof off the sucker. And we’ll keep the Dream Floor burning. YAY!

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    Could someone exiplan to me why they think having their premiums go from $503 when Obamacare passed to $830 today affordable? Could some brilliant liberal exiplan how paying $8,700 for premiums and out of pocket maximum in 2010 is kore expensive than the $14,000 I have paid in 2013? Would anyone consider a family of two making $50,000 rich? Isn’t it the evil rich jot poor that is suppose yo he targeted or are you all that lame? Has anyone checked out the exchange? I liked my $2,700 deductible with $2,700 out of pocket maximum mire than the $2,700 with $4,700 my policy changed to. Affordable only for those who have never purchased it for employees and are clueless. The California exchange od $578 is more than my original $503 a month premium and calling the rise affordable is a joke. How about the out of pocket maximum of $6,000. Good luck to the middle class person who gets ill and pays $6,000 in premiums and $6,000 in out of pocket Max for $12,000. Yep middle class can afford that. Affordable care only for those who did not read the bill.

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